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Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure

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Thursday, October 3, 2013
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This event will take place on Wednesday, October 2, Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4.

Experiment #2 1/2 (PRELUDE)

Photo by Lukasz Drapala

Photo by Lukasz Drapala

The founders of the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA) infiltrate the PRELUDE Festival, coaxing audience members out of public spaces and into individual psychogeographic journeys through the Graduate Center and the events of the festival itself. During the IPA’s custom intake process, participants will work with the IPA to create a personalized festival-going adventure. Following the festival’s events, IPA participants will come together to map their experiences and mingle with other festival goers. Join the adventure.

By appointment only; first come, first served.

Having created psychogeographic adventures for a Brooklyn neighborhood (DUMBO) and a historic art institution (The Brooklyn Museum), the IPA is now taking on the nature of the “festival”, guiding PRELUDE-goers through the physical and psychological architecture of the festival itself. The founders of the IPA are here to help you craft your PRELUDE-going experience into an adventure.

Collaborating Artists: Andrew Goldberg, Liza Wade Green, Radoslaw Konopka, and Emily Rea

About IPA: The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA) is a team of interdisciplinary artists who explore the intersection of place and individual psychology. The IPA was founded in 2012 by Andrew Goldberg, Radoslaw Konopka, Liza Wade Green, and Emily Rea while studying at Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts M.F.A. program. The IPA’s inaugural project, Experiment #17 (DUMBO), was presented in May 2013 in over thirty sites across the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO. In September, 2013 the IPA recontextualized the traditional museum tour with Experiment #23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM) as part of the BEAT Festival.