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Katherine Brook / Tele-Violet

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Friday, October 4, 2013
- | Elebash Recital Hall

Pink Melon Joy

Photo courtesy of the artist

Photo by Chris Giarmo

Forever radical, forever modern, Gertrude Stein’s landscapes of women are at their most complex in this early play, Pink Melon Joy, in which good housekeeping is a battlefield and pregnancy is contagious. Moving briskly between war-time testimony, fractured poetry, and oozy baby-talk, a group of women are drawn deeper and deeper into the uncanny valley of their femininity. Brook’s production of Pink Melon Joy charts the fanatical pursuit of sweetness amid horror and violence; a third-wave-feminist nightmare, it’s set on revealing the Hello Kitty in all of us…

Artist Statement: I am interested in experiments in acting — acting emotions, acting feminine, over-acting, reenacting, acting-out — to excite and disorient audiences expectations of expression. I am interested in big feelings, bold design, and the intermixing of unexpected themes and sources, as a means to create a new kind of theatricality for the contemporary stage.

Collaborating Artists: Performers: Lucy Kaminsky, Sipiwe Moyo, Alex Spieth, Shonni Enelow, Nicolas Norena; Dramaturg: Shonni Enelow; Sound Designer: Chris Giarmo; Costume Designer: Diego Montoya; AD/SM: G.J. Dowding.

About Tele-Violet: Named after Tennessee Williams’s infamous diva Violet Venable, Tele-Violet is a theatre company led by director Katherine Brook that uses dramatic texts as well as real-world content to experiment with acting and dramatic form

About Katherine Brook: Katherine Brook most recently directed She Is King at the Des Moines Social Club and Dixon Place in New York, starring performance artist Laryssa Husiak as Billie Jean King. With her company Tele-Violet, Brook presented a new interpretation of a Noh play called Lady Han at Incubator Arts Project this year, and American Realism, part the Transcripts project last year (The Invisible Dog, the San Diego Museum of Art and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions). Brook is also the Producing Manager for New York City Players, and is a member of the New Georges JAM. She received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University.