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The Queer and Now: Rebecca Patek

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Friday, October 4, 2013
- | Segal Theatre

birds can fly away from other things but humans have to walk or run

Photo by Vincent Lafrance

Photo by Vincent Lafrance

• An investigation into the nature of our nature.
• Where and how in the universe do we inhabit and also why?
• What is our current role in your life?
• I don’t know but I am okay with that for now.
• and vice versa

Artist Statement: I am interested in reclaiming elements of performance that are considered wrong, awkward, uncomfortable, overlooked and that are frequently dismissed. Using satire I incorporate the marginalized facets of performance, making them the central focus of the work. The un-choreographed events in the performance environment: inter-relational dynamics both onstage and between performer and audience, power dynamics, emotional subtext, things that are felt but not publicly acknowledged. I am interested in discomfort and embarrassment of the performer. Situations onstage which create an emotional conflict that is funny and absurd, but also frightening or disturbing.

About Rebecca Patek: Rebecca Patek is a New York-based choreographer and performance artist creating work that synthesizes dance, theater and comedy. Patek is an Artist in Residence at Movement Research (2011 to 2013). She was also awarded a 2010-11 Residency at Dance Theater Workshop (New York Live Arts). She has attended residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and at Earthdance as part of the E/merge Artist Residency.

Patek’s work has been presented at The Museum of Arts and Design, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, 92nd Street Y, Movement Research at Judson Church, Brooklyn Arts Exchange,The Joyce Soho, Dixon Place, Mulberry Street Theatre, The Tank, Aunts, Triskelion Arts, The LoFt, The Overture Center (Madison WI), Brickyard Pond (NH) and Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, among other venues. Works commissioned in 2012 include you and i of the storm for the Museum of Arts and Design, and Real Eyes for The Chocolate Factory Theater.