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Jim Findlay

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Thursday, October 3, 2013
- | C-Level 202

This event will take place on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4.

Dream of the Red Chamber / a performance solo for two sleepers

Photo by M. Pokoik

Photo by M. Pokoik

Dream of the Red Chamber, a performance for a sleeping audience, is a deeply ambient journey through Cao Xueqin’s 18th century Chinese novel “Dream of the Red Chamber.” This version – created exclusively for PRELUDE – invites two audience members to relax and experience an intimate version of the Red Chamber in 30 minute cycles. You’ll catch tantalizing glimpses of the epic love story between a stone and a flower, framed by a dizzying series of metaphysical dreams.

This event is intended for an audience of two people at a time, scheduled in thirty minute increments. Participants must sign up in advance. Sign ups will be available in the Segal Lobby throughout the festival.

Artist Statement: I’m interested in terrains that are ubiquitous but overlooked. The things right under our noses. Or maybe our eyelids. I’m interested in what can happen when we get free from the idea that art is dependent on the transaction of the audience ‘paying’ attention. What if you don’t pay? What if I don’t ask? How little can we both do and still have something worthwhile happen?

Collaborating Artists: Solos performed by Christina Campanella, Kaneza Schaal, and Rebecca Warner. Assistant Director/Stage Manager Maurina Lioce.

Project Collaborators: Enver Chakartash, James Dawson, Jim Dawson, Aleta Findlay, Scott Halvorsen Gillette, Josh Higgason, Jeff Jackson, Sissi Liu, Jamie McElhinney, Kate Moran, Liz Sargent, Kaneza Schaal, Rebecca Warner, and Okwui Okpokwasili, with songs composed by Elysian Fields. Producer: Joel Bassin

About Jim Findlay: Jim Findlay works across specialties as a creator, director, designer, and performer with a constellation of theater, performance and music groups. His work has been seen in a multitude of venues including BAM, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, A.R.T., Arena Stage and in over 40 international cities. He was a founding member and primary collaborator in both the experimentally groundbreaking Collapsable Giraffe and the internationally successful music/media performance company Accinosco/Cynthia Hopkins, as well as being a resident artist at The Wooster Group from 1994-2003. Findlay recently directed and designed David Lang’s Whisper Opera at Lincoln Center. His piece Botanica which was part of Prelude in 2010 was performed at 3LD Art + Techonology in 2011. The Walker Art Center recently acquired for their permanent collection Jim Findlay and Ralph Lemon’s installation work, Meditation which will be exhibited at the Walker in 2014 and was previously exhibited at the Krannert Center (IL), Yuerba Buena Art Center (SF) and the Kitchen in NYC. This festival marks his third appearance in PRELUDE.

Upcoming for Dream of the Red Chamber: PS122 May 2014